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Growing really hot peppers requires a combination of sun, soil and just the right amount of rain. Add a little TLC and you get a hot pepper that truly reaches it maximum level of spicy. Here in the upstate of South Carolina we have long sultry summer days, a garden that is supplimented with organic horse manure and just the right amount of rain, a formula that created a bumper crop this season.
How Hot is HOT? Really?
Hot Peppers- The Heat or spiciness of peppers is based on the content of Capsician. This component is thought to be useful to pepper plants as a deterrent against attack from certain mammals. Fortunately, some of the human race have developed a taste for the heat in peppers. Spicy foods are traditional in many cultures around the world.
The Scoville Heat Unit (SHU)- Humans, being competitive, have developed a numeric index to assign a level of spiciness or heat to peppers. The higher the number, the hotter the pepper. The garden variety Bell or Sweet pepper has a zero SHU, while the hottest peppers (Carolina Reaper, Pepper X, Dragon’s Breath are recent examples) have SHU numbers at or above 2 Million. The Jalapeño pepper comes in around 5,000 SHU.


Immature Fatalii Peppers on the vine...getting all jiggy.
Our Current Crop - 2020 Insanely Hot Peppers
We have dried whole and piece/flake spicy peppers for sale on our Peppers page.
We are currently three insanely hot peppers:
Fatalii Peppers
Fatalii Peppers

New for us. A fried offered this wonderful hot pepper (125,000 – 400,000 SHU) that has an unusual and wonderful citrus flavor under the heat. These peppers were developed in Central Africa and are probably a cross breed of the Habañero pepper. Their spiciness is similar to the Hab. We will often add one to a pot of collards to infuse the full taste of the Fatalii’s citrus characteristic.


 Ripe Fatalii Peppers
Ghost Peppers
Ghost Peppers

Are also known as Bhut Jolokia (translated from Assamese meaning Buhtanese Chili) is native to north eastern India. In recent history it was the Guinness World Record holder for hottest pepper with a rating of around 1 million (SHU). In our estimation this pepper has the spiciness needed for just about any cuisine, while still maintaining a nice consistent flavor. One pepper will make your pot of chill come alive!


Scorpion Peppers
Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

Hotter than the Ghost pepper, the Scorpion was also a record holder for hottest pepper. These bad boys have an overpowering heat that continues to grow on you long after taking a bite. They have flavor, but you need to really work at it before you get there! Scorpion peppers are guaranteed to make  your hot wings sing. Scorpion peppers typically come in at a 1.2 million SHU score.