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Fresh Ghost Peppers - before drying
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(8) Dried Whole Ghost Peppers

(8) Dried Whole Ghost Peppers in each package
Out of Stock
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Our selection of a package of whole Ghost Peppers. Peppers are seriously spicy/hot with an average Scoville Heat measurement of around 1 Million Units. (That is a gazillion time hotter than a marshmallow!) In addition to the heat, Scorpions (also know as Bhut Jokola Peppers) have a unique pleasant taste that will add a wonderful flavor to your recipe. The aroma is heady and always reminds me of hot summer days.

Whole dried peppers include the stem, caps, all skin layers, seeds as well as the Placenta (containing the Capsaicin glands, the HEAT source). We have not tested the seeds for viability, but do not assume that they will germinate due to the heat applied as a part of the drying process.

* Please note: Dried Whole Peppers are subject to breakage while in transit.
Please note: THESE PEPPERS ARE VERY HOT!. You must use care when handling (wear gloves). Make sure you don’t touch ANYTHING YOU ARE FOND OF while handling peppers! You must agree to not use our product to prank anyone or feed to anyone who is unaware of the extreme heat in our pepper product!